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Love is real, real is love

Hello? Is anyone out there?

This is workingclsshero, blogger, JohnAndYoko fan! Say what you will about John and Yoko, but they're one of the greatest couples in 20th century that produced really amazing songs, artwork and made a stand for peace around the world.

Image hosted by

The magical photography of Bob Gruen. LOL!

Image hosted by

This one is taken the book that I bought from ebay called Real Love: Drawings for Sean. You know, the children book of John's drawings for their son, Sean Ono Lennon (in my opinion, is now a hot, talented indie rocker!). Look at those dogs! They look like John and Yoko! Awwwww!

PS: Read Beatlemania (900+ pages)! You'll be blown away when you read the chapter, "The Additional Act"! Including, John's words on Yoko in May of 1968.
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